Friday, September 25, 2009

Have You Been To Café Sunlight?

Experts have tried to define social enterprises as businesses that create employment and training facilities and re-invest a part of their profits for community welfare. Café Sunlight seems to be doing the same by being one of the leading social enterprises in the UK that re-invests its total profit into projects for community development in Medway and beyond. More than serving social causes, café sunlight is also about affordable good quality food.

This café is the trading name of Sunlight Social Enterprises CIC that provides training and jobs to local people. The products used in this café are fair-trade products and it also supports the organic food revolution. Currently, four public cafés are run by café sunlight in Rainham, Gillingham, Lordswood and Rochester. This social enterprise has also been helping young people get jobs. It runs several volunteering and training programs along with vocational placements. Almost anyone interested in the training programs can contact café Sunlight.

In order to take social enterprise initiatives further, CAN Mezzanine and Café Sunlight recently struck a deal within which the café will provide catering and lunch services to three office blocks in London. Organizations occupying offices of CAN Mezzanine will be catered by Café Sunlight. With this deal the social enterprise plans to provide the residents of CAN’s third sector with healthy social enterprise lunch and also offer training to people who will otherwise get marginalized by the employment market. It is always great to come across enterprises that realize their social responsibility and strive to maintain it.

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