Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Healthcare Link- A Sustainable Social Enterprise

Once the rainy season starts and the weather turns hot, Zimbabwe will remain at the risk of a fresh cholera outbreak. Due to the failure of sanitation and health systems in Zimbabwe, the 2008-09 cholera epidemic killed thousands of people. At a time when healthcare facilities in the country are declining, a social enterprise like Healthcare Link comes across as a ray of hope for many affected families. Started by Charles Takawira, the primary focus of this enterprise is to reduce health disparities that prevail between developed and developing countries. Healthcare Link has established partnerships with charities, healthcare agencies and the health ministry to help the poor population with medical facilities.

The enterprise gathers new and unused stock of medical supplies and refurbished equipment reclaimed from wholesalers, manufacturers and the UK healthcare system. The entire stock is then re-distributed to a network of clinics and hospitals that work with limited resources and serve poor people in Malawi, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone and DR Congo.

The public and social services infrastructure in several underdeveloped countries is becoming obsolete. Due to this, thousands of people are dying from curable diseases like dysentery and cholera every year. The present need for government and healthcare organizations is to encourage social enterprises like Healthcare Link by sponsoring their health benefit programs and providing them required medical supplies.

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