Sunday, October 4, 2009

Child Relief and You (CRY) – Bringing Back Smiles

Social enterprises in India are mostly non-profit organizations that raise funds either through services or products. The term social enterprise is not used widely for organizations involved in fund raising for non-business activities in India. Child Relief and You (CRY) is a similar non-profit organization in India that has been working towards the restoration of children’s rights in India. Child Relief and You (CRY) started by Rippan Kapur in 1979, acts as a link between people who can provide resources and fieldworkers who require these resources to make a difference to the society.

CRY receives donations from organizations and individuals which are used as revenue. It is notable that approximately 36 crore Indian Rupees were collected as income by CRY through donations in the year 2004-05 out of which 17 crore were disbursed to 120 organizations, 2.3 for other expenditures and 14 crore for income mobilization.

More than half of India’s children don’t get their fundamental rights to education and good food. Millions go to bed hungry every night and the constitutional rights continue to get violated. CRY makes an effort to support all such children who also have the right to lead a good life. Unlike a charity organization, CRY does not run dispensaries, orphanages or schools for needy children. Instead it establishes partnerships with non-profit organizations working for children’s rights at the grassroots level. Thanks to social enterprises like Child Relief and You, some transformational changes are happening in thousands of slums and villages of India.

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