Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Social Enterprise on TV

Now social entrepreneurship has its own TV show, thanks to a partnership between the Skoll Foundation and the BBC World global network. The eight-episode series started February 13, 2010, is called Alvin’s Guide to Good Business, and is being hosted by financial expert Alvin Hall.

Hall brings his 25 years of experience on Wall Street to probe the business models and results of eight social entrepreneurial organizations working around the globe.

In the most recent episode, the third in the series, Alvin traveled to Japan, where the Marine Stewardship Council has been working to convince both fishers and consumers of the importance of sustainable fisheries.

In the second segment, Alvin traveled to India to look at IDE-India, which makes affordable irrigation products to help farmers grow their crops during the dry seasons. The first episode looked at Riders for Health, led by Andrea and Barry Coleman, 2006 Skoll social entrepreneurs. The group uses motorcycles to deliver health care in Africa.

Upcoming segments will feature Apopo, Partners in Health, Friends International, Kiva, and Camfed. Each series segment is being streamed online here at http://rockhopper.tv/skoll/default.aspx during the week of its broadcast and beyond.

The series is being developed in conjunction with RockhopperTV, which also runs a blog about the behind-the-scenes people and entrepreneurs Hall encounters while producing the series.

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