Thursday, April 15, 2010

Social Enterprise Alliance Summit 2010

Passions X Competencies X Resources = Social Impact

The Social Enterprise Alliance (SEA) states that passion is something that will most definitely be sparked and cultivated at this event. There will be influential guest panelists and speakers that will offer their insights in an effort to ignite greater passion in the social enterprise realm. There will be awards offered to those who are currently making a difference- which will spark a drive in others to also become recognized for their work. The goal is to motivate like minded individuals and increase the love of social enterprise.

Beyond cultivating passion, the conference hopes to enhance participant’s knowledge and offer new skill building opportunities. It is the hope of the SEA that people will walk away with new skills and abilities that will then affect their ability to facilitate social impact. There will be workshops offered and firsthand accounts on how to maximize positive impact for every dollar received.

The final component of the equation deals with resources. SEA plans to bring together social entrepreneurs from all across the globe. Part of the conference is called the World Forum. The conference boasts the presence of nearly 50 sessions that will showcase all the ways that social enterprises are playing a role in shaping the recovering economy. By exchanging ideas and strategies, SEA desires to foster strong efforts to build a strong social enterprise field. An especially interesting element of the conference will be the Angel Forum where eight social entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to pitch their social enterprise to a panel of judges and a live audience. This will offer these budding social entrepreneurs the potential to be featured on the Social Enterprise Alliance website; and could lead to angel investors or other funders.
The title of the conference is “New Approach, New Economy: Realizing the Potential of Social Enterprise.” According to SEA, it is vital that all social entrepreneurs who work hard during the year in their particular ventures to come together and share their learning, offer encouragement, and seek ways to collaborate for the purpose of advancing the field. Registration is still available and participants can even register onsite for an additional fee. Some of the discussions that will be held are as follows:
  • Investment & Finance
  • Models & Strategies
  • Policy & Advocacy
  • Leadership Development & Education
  • Communications & Storytelling
If you are attending please offer your comments upon your return and share what you learned.

Photo Courtesy: socialearth

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